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 Points System

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PostSubject: Points System   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:03 pm

The AF System:
We will open with a free lot system for the first round of city runs. After the first round we will move to a point/AH system. You will select a main and secondary job to lot, and earn points based on attendance. Your main job lot will stay the same until you obtain 5/5 main pieces for your main job. You will use your points obtained to bid on relic pieces for that weeks city run on this website.

Example: Taru A has PLD main. Galka B also has PLD main. Taru A really wants Valor Leggings, come Windy run he has 12 points Galka B has 11 points. In the AH Taru A bids 3 points (minimum bid) Galka B bids 5 points, but he really wants Valor Coronet. Taru A bids 6 points and wins bid because Galka B doesn't want to spend that many points on the boots. During the Windy run if Valor Leggings drop then Taru A gets the drop. If the leggings don't drop, Taru A would not be charged any points.


Ancient Currency: Collected by Sacks, everyone else MUST pass. Until sponsership.

Relic Weapons: Free lot

Lotting Shadow items (Items DL):

Shadow items will go according to leadership decision on how it will benefit the shell and it will cost 20 points. Remember "The needs of the shell outweigh the needs of the individual"

MUST BE lvl 75 cuz shadow items are lvl 75.
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Points System
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