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 Rules/Following Instructions

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PostSubject: Rules/Following Instructions   Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:28 pm

Following Instructions:

On a Dynamis run, one person is in charge and that person will make decisions and judgments as required. You must follow their instructions WITHOUT question. Dynamis is a dangerous place and not following instructions will get everyone killed. While on a run, there is no democracy, you will follow their instructions even if you think they are wrong.

Additional people are assigned roles such as Party Leader, Job Leader, etc. You will follow their instructions completely and /ASSIST them as required.

Monsters will often need to be fought in a specific order. Therefore you must turn off the AutoTarget feature otherwise you might attack the wrong one and cause a mass death. "/autotarget off" be sure to type that before an event, as sometimes doing it through the menu does not work.

The majority of monsters must be kept asleep. You must not use DOT (Damage over time) spells (e.g. Dia, Bio, Poison, Frost, etc) or equipment which have these effects. These effects will keep awaking the monster leading to a death. Unless otherwise told, never use them.


You will die often in Dynamis. It is to be expected, do not whine about it. In the interest of saving time and MP, you will accept ANY raise offered to you. If you have a problem accepting any Raise I, we recommend brining and using your own Reraise items. White mages are expected to keep re-raise up at ALL TIMES.

Do not use the auto-follow feature. A simple DC or equipment swap of the person you are following could lead you running directly into a group of monsters. Pay attention and stay alert at all times.

Going AFK is to be avoided as much as humanly possible. Dynamis is a timed event and being away wastes time and possible drops, and may lead to Aggro.

If you have to go AFK, you should log off or make /tell me (Oriol). If you return before the run is over DO NOT MOVE. Inform the group you are back, if we can safely get you, we will otherwise drop your hourglass. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT RUN AROUND.

If you get aggro, just die. Running around will simply train everything and kill everyone. If you train monsters back to the group, your Pearl will be broken.
If the group is ever faced with a losing battle (too many links), if you are told to die rather then prolonging the inevitable, you will do as you are told and die. Continuing to fight will only waste time so it's best to die and have the whole group raised up faster.

Be properly equipped:

Do not use gimp weapons in Dynamis, it is not a skill up party. If you wish to use a different weapon, get it capped first and then ask your job leader for permission.

Eat food, eat the RIGHT food. No one expects you to use expensive food, just food you can reasonably afford. Every member is expected to bring enough food to last the whole Dynamis, so bring extra food for time extensions and deaths.

Bring the necessary medicine and use it for the specific run. These may include Echo Drops, Holy Water, Antidotes, Remedies and Poison / Venom potions.

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Rules/Following Instructions
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