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 Info About Dynamis

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PostSubject: Info About Dynamis   Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:06 pm

There are 4 Dynamis areas that one can Access after reaching level 65+ and Rank6+


Trail Markings @ Bastok Mines K-8 (In front of Mog House)

Relic Armor dropped:
Avyss Sollerets
Assassin's Vest
BRD's Cuffs
Duelist's Gloves
Melee Gaiters
Monster Jackcoat
Saotome Kote
Sorcerer's Tonban
SMN's Bracers
Valor Coronet
Wyrm Brais

Notice: Scorpions (BST pets) need to be silenced and slept as soon as possible by RDMs!! Or else Breakga (mass-petrification) will be a huge problem while killing enemies.

Dynamis-San d'Oria

Trail Markings @ Southern San d'Oria M-5 (under a tree)

Relic Armor dropped:
BRD's Roundlet
Cleric's Cap
Duelist's Boots
Koga Hakama
Melee Hose
Monster Trousers
Scout's Braccae
SMN's Pigaches
Valor Gauntlets
WAR's Calligae
Wyrm Greaves


Trail Markings @ Windurst Walls C-12 (near Mog House)

Relic Armor dropped:
Abyss Gauntlets
Assassin's Bonnet
Cleric's Duckbills
Koga Hatsuburi
Monster Helm
Saotome Haidate
Scout's Bracers
Sorcerer's Gloves
SMN's Spats
Valor Leggings
WAR's Mask

notice: /whm sub is recommended since monsters use Paralyga.
Crows (BST pets) should be slept and silenced by RDM as soon as possible.
There's is a part we call the death-house, which we do NOT want to aggro . . it's the part around the Auction House. so listen and take care. the name should explain itself..


Trail Markings @ Ru'Lude Gardens I-9

Relic Armor dropped:
Abyss Flanchard
Assassin's Poulaines
BRD's Slippers
Cleric's Pantaloons
Duelist's Tights
Koga Kyahan
Melee Gloves
Saotome Sune-Ate
Scout's Beret
Sorcerer's Sabots
WAR's Mufflers
Wyrm Finger Gauntlets


After clearing those 4 dynamises you will get access to


Trail Markings @ J-9 (close to Ranguemont Pass)

Relic Armor dropped:
Melee Cyclas
Cleric's Briault
Assassin's Culotte
Valor Breeches
BRD's Justaucorps
Wyrm Mail
Duelist's Tabard
Sorcerer's Coat
WAR's Cuisses
Saotome Domaru
SMN's Doublet
Scout's Socks
Abyss Cuirass
Koga Chainmail
Monster Gaiters

notice: Boss will warp around, so keep your avatars on him. after aggroing the Boss, Dragons will spawn and wander around. When they reach us.. we're dead <.<;


After getting this clear too you will get access to


Trail Markings @ J-9 (close to Beaucedine Glacier zone)

Relic Armor dropped:
Valor Surcoat
BRD Cannions
Duelist's Chapeau
Assassin's Armlets
Melee Crown
Cleric's Mitts
Sorcerer's Petasos
WAR's Lorica
SMN's Horn
Saotome Kabuto
Scout's Jerkin
Abyss Burgeonet
Wyrm Armet
Koga Tekko
Monster Gloves
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Info About Dynamis
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