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 Dynamis Settings

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PostSubject: Dynamis Settings   Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:07 pm

Hey everyone, I'm posting up all the different settings suggestions for semi-optimal preformance in Dynamis. As you all now know, Dynamis is super-lagged so we gotta crank down a whole lotta stuff, so look below for what I reccomend.

PC onlySettings

Disable your sound before logging into even POL. Go to Start > Program Files > Playonline > FFXI Config.

Then move to the sound tab, and uncheck the box marked "enable sound." Trust me, this is a HUGE improvement.

Basic Settings : for both PS2 and PC

Open your main menu > Config <

Set Auto-target during battle: OFF
Also inzone type /autotarget off

On-screen dmg display: LOG only
Shadows: OFF
Weather Effects: OFF
Character Models Displayed: <75%

Misc. 2
Clipping Plane: <75%
Footstep Effects: OFF

Turn all possible effects: OFF

In case you are unfamiliar how these work:
Character Models Displayed affects the number of PC and mobs displayed around your character at any time. The lower the bar, the fewer models you will see; they dissapear a shorter distance from you than normal.

Clipping plane defines where the background ends. For example, a smaller clipping plane means you cannot see as far in the distance. Play with this in a city to understand its full effect.

More Custom Settings

Chat Filters
All members:
1. Say - off
2. Shout - off
3. Tell - off
4. Party - off
5. Linkshell - Hold
15. Attacks by Party - on
16. Missed attacks by party - on
21. Attacks by allies - on
22. Missed attacks by allies - on
23. Attacks evaded by allies - on
24. Damage taken by allies - on
27. Attacks by foes - on
28. Missed attacks by foes - on
29. Attacks evaded by foes - on
30. Damage taken by foes - on
33. Attacks by others - on
34. Missed attacks by others - on
35. Attacks evaded by others - on
36. Damage taken by others - on
39. Attacks by NPCs - on
40. Missed attacks by NPCs - on
42. Lot results - on

Party healers and blinkga users, consider leaving these off:
17. Attacks evaded by party - off
18. Damage taken by party - off

Up to you:
9. Attacks by you - on if you do lots of melee
10. Missed attacks by you - on if you do lots of melee
11. Attacks you evade - Must be OFF for blink tanks
12. Damage you take - off probably

Stunners must keep these off:
(The chat filter priority system forces you to keep all these filters off to see all the things that need to be stunned)

7. Special actions started on/by you - off if stunning
13. Special actions started on/by party - off if stunning
19. Special actions started on/by allies - off if stunning
25. Special actions started on/by foes - off if stunning
31. Special actions started on/by others - off if stunning
37. Special actions started on/by NPCs - off if stunning

Enfeeblers and dispellers must keep these off:
(Party healers can turn these on if party members report status ailments over party chat)

8. Special action effects on/by you - off
14. Special action effects on/by party - off
20. Special action effects on/by allies - off
26. Special action effects on/by foes - off
32. Special action effects on/by others - off
38. Special action effects on/by NPCs - off

General Considerations

A while ago SE was having problems with people DCing in high-lag areas (Dynamis). This was especially problematic for PS2 users. We found out that using Window Type 2 seemed to limit the occurance of the freezing. Eventhough SE claims to have fixed the problem, we still reccomend all PS2 users use Window Type 2 in zone.
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Dynamis Settings
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